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By: Cheylene Glamp Life Travel Wife How I met my Lineman Even having been from rival schools, graduating the exact same year, and knowing people from the same friend groups, my lineman and I had never crossed paths. As fate would have it, though, we had one mutual friend - a friend of mine, whose heart mine has known for a very long time, Kayla. It was the weekend of...Read more
In our previous life, our general routine was work, eat, sleep, repeat. Period. Our linemen work very long, unpredictable hours and “normal” is not often a routine found and held by line families. Before making the decision to travel, Jeremy and I were both driving so far to work, not to mention his erratically long hours, it seemed as if we were always on the run and could never find...Read more
I’ll admit, when my husband and I first decided to live this life, I still wasn’t exactly sure what it meant myself. What I did know, though, is that I wanted more time with him. Storm is unpredictable. When a lineman is called on storm, there’s no certainty behind when he’ll come home. It could be three days, it could be three weeks. That uncertainty is lonely! As a wife...Read more
So You Wanna Go Tramping, a.k.a. What to Expect from Trailer Life We see a lot of families making the transition between staying at home to tramping with their lineman.  And I am so thrilled for this new adventure you’re about to go on.  I loved my time in the trailer as we tramped around and I still want to do it again.  Even with kids.  But I also understand...Read more
How many friends do you have?  When I was in High School I had a few close friends and I had a whole crew of friends in college.  But we graduate, move, get jobs, get spouses, have kids, essentially live our lives.  And when we started tramping I didn’t make it a priority to keep in touch with my friends and we drifted apart.  For some weird reason that I’m...Read more
Friends on the Line The Line Life is Crazy, and it takes a special woman to run with that life. What is best about the friends you gain in the Line Life is that some may come and go, and others stick around for great lengths of time. They always seem to help you through when you need them the most. Some of the best friendships I have been blessed...Read more
By: Tumbleweedtramp The remaining years of the apprenticeship and our time we spent tramping were both an amazing adventure and at times a study in barely contained chaos.  If you’ve ever been through it, or are there now, you know how it can be.  Sometimes we had an idea about how long we were going to be in a place.  And there were a time or two when LM came...Read more
An open letter to family friends and anyone else wondering what the Linelife is like Never ending crazy life of a Linewife What is a Linewife’s life like? Oh, we are out there living the dream, floating on floats in pools, downing wine by the gallon, popping bottles, rolling around in cash every night on our beds and partying it up!        ***REALITY CHECK*** Our lives are far from that!...Read more
By: Tumbleweedtramp I want you to know that it was not my intention to keep y’all hanging for this long.   If you haven’t read Part One of my What We Did series check it out here.  If you did read it and then went off to live your life for two months and don’t remember where we left off, so the rest of’s a recap:  Lineman is Apprentice and...Read more
5 Times You Need Lineman Cookies and other useful stuff. For your adorable “Top Out” party. He’s been in an apprenticeship for what feels like 3 decades but now the end is in sight! And you have a celebration planned the likes of which would make Martha Stewart proud.  Naturally it has to include adorable themed deserts, like sugar cookies cut out to look like hardhats. 2. When he’s gone...Read more
#Change is the motto and maybe the definition of the Linelife. Especially when your Lineman is a contractor. That is all your life is most of the time. Always worrying about the next change that is coming. Storm season seems to come and go quicker each year. Fear is the most subtle and destructive of all human diseases. Fear can hold you back, paralyze you, and even make you ill....Read more
By: Tumbleweedtramp Tips to Stay Connected When He’s Out of Town. Between apprenticeships, tramping, storms, fires, and zombie apocalypses our Linemen are well traveled! And there’s just no two ways about it, being away from your parter is really tough on your relationship.  For its sustained health there needs to be some concentrated effort spent working on maintaining your connection to each other.  It feels easy to try and compartmentalize...Read more
By: Beth Combs If you're reading this welcome to the family. Our readers all share a similar connection — either as a mother, wife, girlfriend, or sister of a lineman. We are a unique community as one that truly understands and can relate to the un-normal lives we often lead. Crazy schedules, lost sleep, always one ear open for the weather channel, and constant worry are what passes for “normal”...Read more
“Let’s start at the very beginning” I see a lot of questions posted to various social media pages about how people make family life and line life work together.  Does he tramp? Alone or do you all go?  Do you live in a trailer?  How about kids?  Or is he home with a utility?  What about home with a contractor?  Linelife is a real life “Pick Your Adventure” journey.  I’m...Read more
The holidays are coming up and who doesn’t love a good list. Today we have a list of gift ideas from various price points for your Lineman.  We tried to get something for everyone on this list but it’s by no means exhaustive; just meant to get your creative juices flowing.   #1 Obviously we’ve gotta have a self-promotion here.  At we have got a selection of top of...Read more
Ladies, don’t EVER forget how amazing you are. These storms will come and go. Our Linemen will be called to them almost every time. Be strong for him. Be strong for the family. They are filled with pride when they know they are helping those who need it the most. They are not afraid to put in long hours, sometimes forfeiting food or a break in pursuit of restoration. Have...Read more
There has been a lot of negative lately. Lives have been changed forever in an instant. I am proud of our Line community and what we stand for. It takes courage to go forward and do what others will not or cannot do. Our Linemen do this in the roughest conditions, sometimes daily. But many of these brave men are lucky to have the women they come home to. The...Read more
Resources for Life on the Line Linelife Foundation - "ALinelife for the Line Life" Website: Mission/Reason: Linelife Foundation is dedicated to compassionately serving Power Lineworkers and their families in times of crisis immediately following work-related accidents and Power Lineworkers in times of need during storm restoration. Fallen Lineman -  "Memorializing Fallen Linemen and Support for their families" Website: Fallen Linemen Organization’s mission is to memorialize fallen electrical line workers, and care for...Read more
Ladies, Stop what you are doing right now! Take a minute to appreciate all you have completed this past year. You have been an amazing Linewife (or Linelady), mother, sister, and friend. Together we’ve endured a crazy busy Hurricane season starting in August, and an ice storm season that has yet to end. We have felt so MANY emotions that have us all feeling drained. Just know it’s all coming...Read more
Many of us ladies know the importance of communication.  It’s seems even more important when our Linemen are traveling. One of the biggest issues (aside from finances) in relationships is communication. Obviously, to communicate both parties need to participate (talking to a wall is no fun). Let’s face it; the linelife is not easy on relationships. Long hours at work, poor reception, distance and worry can all cloud the easiest...Read more