A (comical) list of things that I’ve learned while living in an RV...

RVs are NOT 2,000 square feet.
3 dogs in an RV = occasional traffic jams
Straight-line winds are scarier atop jacks than atop a basement.
“Spring cleaning” can be completed in 20 minutes tops.
Missing family in KY is tough.
The sun will crank the temperature up in an RV, even on a cool day - no thermostat
heat needed.
Too many items in the washer will make the whole place feel like an earthquake.
Weekend exploring feels like a permanent vacation.
The inside door lock and the outside door handle lock DO NOT work simultaneously
- it will probably be raining when you lock yourself out.
Traffic jams.
Rain WILL come through the window screens and they CANNOT be open during
rain showers. Oops.
The awning is not suited for high wind. Oops.
Smaller spaces = more cuddling
Oakley loves to be nosy and watch our neighbors.
RV water heaters are small. Cannot take 35-minute showers.
3 dogs. All in one hallway. Traffic jams.
We can live anywhere that the road will take us.
People can hear you singing outside of the camper - especially if you’re a
loudmouth like me.
The floors will be dirty again 5 minutes after mopping - even after you spend a
fortune on an outdoor camp rug.
If something gets stuck in a slide on its way out (like the sleeve of a rain jacket or a
postcard��), it will be stuck there until the slide is moved again.
So many new friends in so many new places.
If the washer hose isn’t secured into the drainpipe, water will flood into every
room of the RV.
Kya and Oakley could sleep for any length of car ride.
Cannot use Dawn for stains in this tiny washer - the camper WILL flood with
Decor hung above slides must be well secured during travel, otherwise, it will fall onto slides and will be slid outside during setup. It will probably be raining if this
Our furbabies love exploring new places as much as we do.
If an entry door doesn’t latch securely before travel, it CAN and WILL open while
driving down the interstate - most likely while driving the highest speed allowable.
THREE large scent warmers are VERY strong in a 43’ 5th wheel.. probably was too
many. You were right. Sorry, Jerm.
So much good food in so many new cities.
I brought too many throw blankets.
S’mores anytime. (So important.)
Grilling anytime.

Not everyone likes dogs (and not everyone (me) likes those kinds of people��).
I can fall down two steps just as easily as I can fall down fifteen steps.
Jax loves looking out ALL windows - even the ones he has to climb to get to.
I spend lots of days planning where we’d like to travel next.
I look forward to so many new adventures.

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