A More Simple Life


In our previous life, our general routine was work, eat, sleep, repeat. Period.

Our linemen work very long, unpredictable hours and “normal” is not often a routine found and held by line families. Before making the decision to travel, Jeremy and I were both driving so far to work, not to mention his erratically long hours, it seemed as if we were always on the run and could never find the time to actually slow down and enjoy the things around us. Life on the road has definitely opened our eyes a bit.

Living in our RV allows us the convenience of living as close as possible to the show up. Our most recent campground in Clarksville, TN was, quite literally, a 10 minute drive to his bucket truck. I’ve rarely known the feeling of having him home in time to ENJOY DINNER together, much less MAKE DINNER together. An evening at the campground looks so much different than what we’re used to.

At the risk of sounding like a child with no responsibility, I’ll admit that living in a campground feels a lot like what you’d expect to feel as a child who’s excited to live at a campground. Any of my fellow “summer night” fans can relate.. those relaxing summer evenings - the ones enjoyed around the fire pit laughing, pigging out on delicious food grilled over the fire, soaking up every last second of the sunset.. those are the nights that we all wish could last forever.

Though it’s not always milk and honey, tramping has given us a little piece of that Heaven.

A few of my favorite things that this new, simpler line life has given me..

  • My husband.. home at a decent hour
  • Delicious meals that we prepare together, grilled right atop the fire pit that’s become part of our camping must-haves (*a downfall – this thing is ridiculously heavy and I have to help load it.. but the steaks are INCREDIBLE)
  • New friends that welcome us as soon as our truck rolls into the campground (campground neighbors are THE BEST neighbors)
  • S’MORES ANYTIME - this should’ve been NUMBER ONE on my list
  • Such happy four-legged babies – they eagerly explore new campgrounds too, even when that means jumping into the creek without permission
  • New adventures at every new location –even better? 99% of them are free
  • All of the firewood that you could ever dream of (good for all of the s’mores)
  • Less house cleaning time – 400 sq. ft. (give or take) cleans up pretty quickly
  • Long walks around the campground = my kind of exercise
  • Picnics for any meal – want to eat your bacon outside? Have at it.
  • TIME TO RELAX.. to breathe - literally take in the beauty all around us - to slow down and enjoy this life that we’ve chosen


  • Summer campground evenings.. nearly every single evening

When we made the decision to travel, I went back-and-forth for so long; worried about what I would miss at home, what I would miss from our “normal life”. Though I do miss our family and friends that we left back in Kentucky, I will say that my heart grows fonder of this life every single day.

We’ve got roughly 3 years to go and you’ll find me enjoying myself at every single stop.


Glamp Life Travel Wife

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