Nine Gifts especially for your Lineman

The holidays are coming up and who doesn’t love a good list.

Today we have a list of gift ideas from various price points for your Lineman.  We tried to get something for everyone on this list but it’s by no means exhaustive; just meant to get your creative juices flowing.


#1 Obviously we’ve gotta have a self-promotion here.  At we have got a selection of top of the line shirts for Linemen too.  Don’t forget a hardhat sticker.  You know how they are about their stickers.  While you’re here, get yourself a little something too!


#2 While he likely already has a drag bag it can be nice to have something at home that is at least part way ready during storm season.  Or, maybe his is like my honey’s was and absolutely falling to pieces.  Make sure this isn’t something his company will pay for before going out and getting one, these can be big ticket items.  My Lineman LOVES his drag bag with wheels.  It makes it so much easier to get things from point A to point B, whether that it through an airport or between trucks.  But a heavy duty duffle bag with some clothes, toiletries, cash, and such can be great to have ready.  Check out our storm packing list for ideas.


#3 My family likes to get new Christmas ornaments to commemorate the year.


#4 We are all devastated when we hear of loss in our community.  This beautiful keychain is a reminder to your loved ones that you are waiting for them.


#5 Did he take a really cool picture this year? Get it framed and start a collection of photos for a really cool gallery wall.  (Pro-tramp-tip: Command velcro strips hang pictures in a trailer BEAUTIFULLY.  They come off with zero residue when you want to mix it up or sell the trailer.) Please message Linewife through or through Facebook to get a custom canvas starting at $49.99!


#6 If he is a guy that wears buckles he needs a lineman one.


#7 My lineman was a rock star in another, young adult, life. But even if yours has never been in a band, who doesn’t like music? Give the gift of tunes with a small bluetooth speaker.  Extra points if it has a convenient clip and is waterproof!


#8 This trade is no joke.  A heat pack and Deep Blue rub from DoTerra is his favorite way to ease those aches and pains.  This is a very practical gift, so what about combining it with some coupons for a foot rub, or a gift card for massage.


#9 Is he gone a lot? Are you comfortable in your skin? A mini book of boudoir photos is a way to heat things up this holiday season.  Check Pinterest for oodles of posing ideas.



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