December 2020 Leading Line Lady

Meet this month's Leading Line Lady

I would like to nominate my mom, Sandra Ramos. She is a line wife, line mom (2 sons), and line - mother in law.

Over the last 20 years she has been my dad’s biggest supporter and has stood behind his career path 110% and more. She is often called upon by other wives who are new to this industry and need the encouragement and support when they are gone on storm doing what they love.

This obviously isn’t for every woman. It takes a strong woman to have to wake up every single morning know she has 4 men in her family that risk their lives on a daily. She is a woman of faith and when our men our out she calls on us all to lift them up in prayer.

She has cried tears of sadness when my dad has been gone for long periods of time, she has cried tears of joy when he graduated lineman college. She cried even more when both of sons decided to follow their dad’s footsteps.

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