Linewife Team


The creation of Linewife is to offer help or encouragement to ANY Line Lady. We know this isn’t an easy life, so having others to share their experience with makes it much easier. Just know you are not alone and many ladies out there that have gone through what you are going through right now.

Meg, who grew up tramping with her family. She tramped with three kids and her Lineman for a few years. Her family is currently stationary in Arizona. She’s an excellent writer, our main blogger and email creator. 

Melissa, Our video TikTok queen joined us in 2020! She is behind all the hilarious and cute videos! She is keeping the smiles on our faces for sure! Her Florida family are avid Disney visitors, and love to travel. Melissa is currently homeschooling their girls, working, and creating amazing Linewife TikTok videos for all the line ladies out there! 

Kim, is our support for vacations and well just line life in general. She is also my first Linewife friend. We have been through some big life events together and have grown close over the years. Her Florida based Line Family are living through the line life just like every one of us! 

Shanna: Hi there! I was born and raised in Clearwater, FL and have been a Linewife for well over 10 years. When I first started dating my Lineman he was an apprentice. Once he topped out and became a Lineman he jumped right on the road to work. I worked full time at home while he traveled for 80% of the year. I am currently traveling (tramping) with my Lineman all over the United States. Living on the road can be fun and hard as well. I love being able to experience life on the road and all the challenges it brings, but most of all I love being able to be with my Lineman every night. I came up with the idea of Linewife to bring ladies together to positively support one another, as well as create some awesome Linewife gear too!  

The friendships made because of the closeness of this trade are irreplaceable. The memories we have all created together, the good times and the bad, will always be cherished. We are a tight community of Linemen (Union or Non Union) and an even tighter community of Line Ladies! The experienced ladies are the ones that teach us what to expect and have helped us grow along the way. When we come together as a community it makes us stronger and we are stronger as one!

Our men are rough, they work hard and they live hard. It takes a special woman to understand what they do and stay by their side. Thank you for supporting a Line Family owned and ran business!

Fun Fact: Our Logo is the stamped bottom of a glass insulator!