Ladies Shirts

Do have that exciting feeling of pride for your Lineman? At Linewife we are proud of our Linemen and all they do to keep this country running. Want to show your support for your Lineman? We have Linewife tanks, Linewife/Linebabe shirts, and Long Sleeve Linewife shirts too!


We have Lineman Hard Hat stickers that your Lineman is sure to love! From funny hard hat stickers to patriotic. Linewife’s Hard Hat stickers are great for trading, hoarding, or sticking on your favorite hard hat.
Keep It Cold

Koozies for Him and Her

Grab one of our Lineman/Linewife koozies and drink your favorite beer in style. Keeping it cool, crisp, and refreshing! Our one of a kind koozies are funny, and awesome too! From our Lineman storm season koozie to our tall skinny regular Linewife koozies, we have a koozie for you!

What is Linewife?

Welcome to the Linewife community! Our website is full of Linewife blogs, Linewife podcasts, and timeless designs to support your love of the Line Life. Ride the highs and lows of the LineLife, Tramp Life, and Everyday Life.

The creation of Linewife is to offer help or encouragement to ANY Line Lady. We know this isn’t an easy life, so having others to share their experience with makes it much easier. Just know you are not alone and many ladies out there that have gone through what you are going through right now.



Lineman Sign
May an Army of Angels Sign
Handmade in the USA locally by Veteran, and LEO.
Stick it
You know he wants more stickers!