Making Money While Tramping

Who doesn’t like making extra money? Being on the road with your Lineman can be lonely, especially while he is working. Finding something to do always helps. It’s even better when you can bring in some extra cash too! What are somethings you can make money with while on the road?

Love to write and always have something to say. Blogging is a fantastic way to make some extra cash! Companies are always looking to create more SEO words for their websites. Blogging is a great way to add more. Know a lot about bars and restaurants? Maybe you’re full of legal knowledge or automobiles. Everyone is good at something. You can take your own knowledge and make some extra cash off of it! To start you can visit the company you want to blog for locally. If they are a larger company, call and ask to speak to someone in marketing or send an email over. The best part about this is you don’t always need to have internet access to work!

Medical Coding is another great way to make some extra money remotely on the road. Some companies require that you have experience or training to work. Other companies do on the job training to get you started. Not all companies will require a degree. A downside to this is you will need a reliable internet connection. Sometimes while traveling that might not be an option.

Campground hosting is another great way to make some extra money or even live lot rent free! This isn’t always a viable option though. Most campgrounds already have someone in place to take care of the campground. It would be hard to plan around where your Lineman is working or if he gets moved to a different location. It would never hurt to ask when you arrive at a new campground. I have seen multiple Line Ladies do this with much success!

Having a creative mind can bring some extra cash in too! Graphic design or crafting can travel with you no matter where you go! Many websites out there like Fiver can offer you freelancing jobs to create for people all over the globe. Crafting items for people to purchase always brings extra cash. You can utilize local markets or Facebook Marketplace. Making Line related items? Check out your local Linewife pages to sell your crafty creations! Downside? Shipping. Most shipping apps will need your physical address from where you are shipping from. If you ship a package and then need to move the following week, if anything happens to that package and it gets sent back you won’t be there to claim it. Having a PO Box helps but it will also depend on how much you move. Another downside is taxes. Will you need to take out state and local taxes from where you are selling? These are all huge things to consider while on the road with your Lineman.

Brand repping can earn you free gear and money too! Did you find a brand you love? Want to become a rep? There are countless ways to become a rep for almost any company! Making video’s and reviewing products is a great way to start! Message the company and see if they are looking for brand reps. The internet is full of articles on how to successfully become a brand rep.

Maybe writing isn’t for you. Talking anyone and everyone’s ear off is the thing for you! Well, You Tube is always looking for videos to be uploaded! Ideas are endless for You Tube videos. Being on the road you can make them for any experience you have in your RV! Pipe break? You tube it! Trick on parking or setting up the camper? You tube it! Drawing attraction to your channel will catch the eye of sponsors and you’ll start bringing in some extra cash!

These are just a few ways to make some extra cash out on the road! I am sure there is many more endless ways to make money or have a side hustle! Drop your ideas or what you do below in the comments! We all are strong together and this is one great way we can all support one another!


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