10 Lineman Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The famous question we all wonder year after year. What should I buy my Lineman for Christmas? Well, this year have no fear! We have 10 items your Lineman will be sure to love!

  1. Neck Guard-E

                For any job that is a pain in the neck! Does your Lineman come home complaining of neck pain if they’ve been on the ground all day looking up? Well, this neck guard will fix that problem for him! Works with hard hats and attaches to your Lineman’s pants just like suspenders. Proudly made in the USA! Non-conductive frame, modacrylic blend cover, and ARC-rating 6.5 EBT.

Purchase One HERE

Lineman Neck Guard E


  1. Madi Tools

Madi Tools has many different tools to help Linemen. This Socket Flip was a hit at the International Lineman Rodeo this year. Features & Benefits:

  • Impact Rated
  • Three square openings in one socket
  • ¾” (oversize) fits ½” hardware
  • 1” fits 5/8” hardware • 1-1/8” fits ¾” hardware
  • Easy to use with rubber gloves with a Secure Lock Quick Change Adapter that Prevents Unwanted Socket Disconnect
  • Multi-Use Wing Nut and Eye Bolt Type Clamp Applications:

Grounding Clamps • Hot Line Clamps • T-Clamps • Underground Feed Through Bushings • Layout Arm Hardware • Stringing Block • Temporary Arm Insulators • 5/8” and ¾” Eye Nuts • Large Hardheads or Lags • Large J Hooks • Non-standard Eye Nuts on the Composite Arms


Order HERE

 Madi Lineman Christmas Gifts


  1. Lakeland FR Sweater

High Performance FR Waffle W/Neck Gaiter

You'll want this hoodie as part of your Lineman’s FR apparel layering system.

This hoodie features a built-in neck gaiter so you can keep your face and neck comfortable on those cold, crisp mornings and eliminate carrying that extra balaclava. At only 8 oz. it's the perfect weight to keep you warm and not interfere with your hard hat.

Hoodie Features:
  • Pullover Design
  • Integrated Neck Gaiter
FR Fabric Features:
  • Waffle Cut Textured Fabric
  • 8 oz. Lightweight Mid Layer Fabric
  • NFPA 70E - CAT2 at 9.7 cal/cm2

Order HERE

Lakeland FR Lineman Gifts for Christmas


  1. Pelican

The Pelican 1615TRVL Air Travel Case is a must for storm work! Durable, watertight, locking, and has wheels too! The mesh compartment will keep all his toiletries and small items easily in one place. Comes in three different colors too!


Order HERE: Click ME

Pelican Lineman Christmas Gifts


  1. Garmin GPS Phone/Text capability

Want to always have contact with your Lineman? Even on those jobs with no service available. My Lineman used this in Puerto Rico and this Garmin also helps up stay in contact on storm where there is no service. A Fantastic investment and piece of mind.

Most companies don’t have a satellite phone available to use if there is an emergency where there is no cell service. Be proactive and make sure your Lineman is always connected!

See all options HERE

 Lineman Christmas Gifts Garmin Phone and Text


  1. Buckingham

Buckingham customizable 30” x 18 ½” flexible buck-it rail board with bucket lip. Ideal for corners or curved buckets and allows for the board to be folded easily and compactly for storage.

You can customize it and add whatever accessories he would need the most!


Start building him one HERE: Click Me

Buckingham Lineman Christmas Gifts


  1. Milwaukee Tools

M18 FUEL ½ Impact Wrench Kit with Ball Pin

Delivers a best-in-class 210 ft-lbs. and 2,520 in-lbs of torque in a compact design

The Milwaukee® POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor provides increased efficiency, lasts longer and delivers maximum power

REDLINK PLUS™ Electronic Intelligence allows the operator to choose between 3 fastening modes with Milwaukee’s proprietary DRIVE CONTROL™ feature

Check out more HERE

Milwaukee Lineman Tools for Christmas Ideas

       3. Klein Tools

Klein Tools 66040 2-in-1 Impact Socket Set, 5-Piece Tool Set with 12-Point Deep Sockets with 1/2-Inch Drive, Includes Tool Case.

This socket set comes with a cool case to keep them all in place! If your Lineman is anything like mine, he is bound to loose at least one! This case has kept his sockets safe!


Purchase link: CLICK HERE

 Lineman Tools for Christmas Gifts


  1. Lineman Microtech Knife

Microtech knives was a huge hit at the International Lineman Rodeo! Not only do they have many knives to choose from, but they are also in the process of creating a knife specifically for a Lineman! Linemen love knives and they can always use a new knife!


Purchase HERE

Microtech Knives Gifts for Lineman Knife


  1. Lineman Hard Hat Stickers

Lineman Hard Hat Stickers and Swag from Linewife.com!

All stickers are made in the USA. Our wood products are made locally by a Veteran and LEO.

From $2-$55 we have gifts for the Lineman in your life!

Check them out HERE: Lineman Stuff

Lineman Hard Hat Sticker Gifts


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