Linework: We all know how hard Linemen work. The crazy long hours, grueling weather conditions, and sometimes rough terrain. These guys put it all on the line! If you love your Lineman like we love our Linemen, we know you have that strong Line Pride. Here at Linewife every item is designed based around the love of our Linemen. Show off how much you love and support you have for your Lineman with one of our shirts, stickers, patches, hats or other items.

Line workers are the backbone of America. They keep our everyday functions going. Maintaining the grid and keeping our power on. It has been said many times, Linework makes the dream work. What better way to say Thank you to a Lineman than with an awesome Line related gift for him and his Linewife!

Power Lineman: Power Linemen light up our world. Without them we would live a very dark life, well, at night. These guys work so hard to put it all on the line. Show your Lineman just how proud of him you are with our Linewife and Line Life gear!

Power Lineman are up before the dawn and back at dusk. They come home tired and exhausted from a day of hard work. They do it for their family and their love of Line Work. Truly, without Power Lineman the world would be a different place!

Lineman Gifts: Don’t know what to get your Lineman that already has absolutely everything he already wants? Worry no more! At Linewife we have the gifts he will love! From Tiki hats for the Boat days to the bottle openers carved by a local Veteran! Go ahead and add more stickers to that Lineman Sticker collection he already loves, toss another great Richardson Lineman hat into the closet, or Snag him another black Lineman shirt to add to his lineup of shirts!

Lineman T-Shirts: You cannot go wrong with grabbing your Lineman a shirt as a gift! Our popular American Flag Lineman shirts come in many colors and fabrics. If he is feeling like dragging up, then buy him our Drag-N-Fly shirt for the days he is ready to leave that job in the dust! If he is just into basic black, we have basic black Lineman shirts too!




What better way to show your “Merica” & Support Lineworkers! One of our BEST selling Lineman and Linelady...
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 What better way to represent the fallen than with our American Flag Lineman Neon Flash Green thin striped...
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Mint American Lineman T-Shirt (Unisex)
What better way to say "Merica" Than with our mint Lineman Flag shirt! This cotton/poly blend is sure...
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Lineman Hat
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What better way to show your “Merica” & Support Lineworkers! One of our BEST selling Lineman shirts. It’s...
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Born To Regulate Hard Hat Sticker
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