Who doesn't love a good Linewife SALE! Grab yourself some of the most popular items we have on sale! From hats to earrings, we are sure to have a Linewife item you love on sale! 

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Line Ladies are tough. There is so much change and a lot of unknowns in the Line Life. Our Community of ladies have the best experts ready to help with all your Line Life questions. From traveling on the road as a tramping Line Family to working locally for a Co-op Power Company. Chances are, we have lived in your Line Life shoes one time or another! We are here to ease your stress and help you through whatever your Line Life need is!  

We all know how hard Linemen work. The crazy long hours, grueling weather conditions, and sometimes rough terrain. These guys put it all on the line! If you love your Lineman like we love our Linemen, we know you have that strong Line Pride. Here at Linewife every item is designed based around the love of our Linemen. Show off how much you love and support you have for your Lineman with one of our shirts, stickers, patches, hats or other items.

Line workers are the backbone of America. They keep our everyday functions going. Maintaining the grid and keeping our power on. It has been said many times, Linework makes the dream work. What better way to say Thank you to a Lineman than with an awesome Line related gift for him and his Linewife!


Linewife Champion Hoodie
🚨PRE-ORDER HAS CLOSED🚨  Grab one while we still have stock! Style will NOT be remade Need a little...
Ladies Pink Performance T-Shirt
"Anything is possible with sunshine and a little Pink" Show your love for the USA and your Lineman...
Lightning Bolt Electric Earrings
Fall in love with these dainty earrings! Great to add to any daily outfit or a night on...
Lineman Heart Badge Holders
What cooler way to show your Line pride at work than with one of our glitter badge holders!...
Born To Regulate Hard Hat Sticker
Regulators Mount Up! Did someone say stickers? Come on! You know your Lineman needs one more Sticker to...
Linewife Phone Stands
Add some Pop to your phone & support your favorite Lineman!  No worries about the Linewife logo peeling...
Pink and Black Linewife Tall Skinny Koozie
Grab your claw or ultra and get ready to support your Lineman and sip your drank in Linewife...
Men's Long Sleeve Lime Green Dri-Fit Shirt
Never lose your Lineman in a crowd again in our Neon Green Lineman Long Sleeve Dri-Fit!  Great for...
Holographic Linebabe Sticker
These are limited as it gets so, get yours ASAP! They're going quick!  Shimmer and Shine with all...
Knotty Hooker Lineman Hard Hat Sticker
Get tongue tied and tied up in knots with our knotty hooker 2x2 hard had sticker!  I mean...
Leather Lineman Bottle Opener Key Chains
Never be without a bottle opener! Be that Line friend that can open everyone's beer in style!  We...
Slouchy Linewife Beanie
Keep that beautiful head warm with our slouchy Linewife Beanie. Tag is leather with the Linewife Logo. One...
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