December 2021 Leading Line Lady

Hey my name is Matthew and I work for a co-op in Tx I would like to nominate my wife Sarah
If I could nominate her for wife/mom of the YEAR I totally would. Before she met me she didn’t even know what a lineman was or what we did but now it’s literally part of her identity and she takes great pride in being a line wife. She is the strongest person I know and is the best mom to our three children. She never complains about the overtime (we get a lot) or the weekends that are ruined by storms, she just checks in to make sure I’m staying safe, dry and that I’m eating when I can she always thinks of everybody else before herself. I’ve literally seen this girl take paper towels and her hair dryer to my boots to get them ready for me to roll out again and yes I’ve heard of a boot dryer I’m just too cheap to buy one but this is just one small example of how badass and thoughtful she is the list could go on forever but I don’t want to get too long winded anyway she would really love to see herself nominated next month
Thank you


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