February's Leading Line Lady

Lauren nominated her mother for our Leading Line Lady. We couldn't resist choosing Donna. She is the prime example of a strong Linewife, mother, friend and so much more. Congratulations Donna you deserve this and SO much more!  

This is my mom Donna Edwards! I would like to nominate her for leading line lady!

She is head of many lineman! She married one, is the mother to one, and is the mother in law to another! My dad was a lineman up until 1993. He was working a bad storm and was in an accident on the job that landed him in the hospital for 3 months with an amputated leg. 27 years later, he still works for the same electric company except now as a steaking engineer! 3 years into college, I bring home the guy I have been dating who is also a lineman. And finally, my younger brother decides he wants to be lineman.

To say she knows a little something about loving a lineman would be an understatement, but she is always ready! She knows first hand what it’s like to watch someone you love leave for a storm and not know when they will be back home. She is always there to make sure uniforms are washed and ready to go!


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