January's Leading Line Lady 2021

Our January Leading Line Lady has some amazing support from her best friend. 

We LOVE seeing other ladies supporting one another! 

Hello! I am Tiffany Hillman. I saw your Instagram post about how to nominate a line wife. This is my best friend Blakley Koppel. She is line wife to her husband Hank who is a lineman out in California currently for over a year and a half. Before that he was in Puerto Rico for half a year. They live here in Florida and he travels. She is the strongest woman I know. All while her husband is gone, she takes care of the house and all his hunting dogs (there are ALOT). She works full time and still finds time to go visit him out in California or wherever he is to show him her support. While he has been traveling and she has been working she also found the time to go to school for Radiology and is now an RT, about to be an MRI tech in Tallahassee. I am a line wife as well and I do not know how she does everything she does every day by herself. She is a dang superhero. 

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