July 2020's Leading Line Lady

My name is Trevor and I am a lineman with Ga Power. I would like to nominate my wife Michelle Gilbert for the Linewife of the month.

My wife was the support I needed to make the switch and get into line work. Everyone around me thought I was crazy for wanting to get into this line of work and for not using my degree. She was the only one who was behind me the whole way. Not only is she a mother to our young daughter - which is a full time in itself. But, she is also a successful business owner.

On top of all the stress that comes with those two things she is married to a lineman. No matter how stressful her day has been or how fussy our daughter has been, when I tell her I must stay late for work she just tells me she loves me and to be safe. She never lets her frustrations out for me to see. She takes over doing everything around the house when I am gone on a storm.

She truly is superwoman. I could never thank her enough for what she does for our family. Her support is what makes doing my job possible. Michelle from the bottom of my heart I love you and thank you for loving me even when my job makes it hard!

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