March 2021's Leading Line Lady

Sister's supporting sisters! We love it when family supports one another! This Linewife sounds like she has perfected the role and is an amazing woman! 

My sister and her husband have been going strong for 12 years now! Although she is my sister, she is also my line lady. She always puts her family above her own needs or wants and at the end of the day she still remains the happiest. Her husband out of town (of course as a lineman) and she ALWAYS makes sure he has everything washed, packed, lunches, and etc. I think my big sister should be nominated for the line lady of the month for big heart she always has for not only her family but for anyone that meets her precious soul. Living 10 hours away from her is something I struggle with daily because I just miss her so much, having her chosen as line lady of the month would definitely make her day! 


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