November 2020 Leading Line Lady

Amber's Lineman really is an amazing husband, father, and Lineman. For him to recognize all of the great things his wife does for the family and the support she gives him is the sweetest thing! Our hats are off to you both! Not only being amazing humans, but raising your kids to see what true love is! 


So, I chose this picture because it depicts how life at our home looks normally. Often without me there and that is unfortunately common When it comes to the wives of men in this trade. My wife Amber Schaffer handles raising a houseful of Crazy girls most of the time all by herself. She is involved in keeping our oldest in competitive cheerleading and all the travel that comes with that. She has spent a year living in a camper after we had a small house fire. And I feel like she handles this so well because she grew up the daughter of a lineman and has only known this lifestyle since she was also a crazy little girl. She gets up and works out before the kids get up. She gets up and works out every evening also.  She gets up and works out every evening also. Our house is always spotless. It’s really a great feeling to know that while I’m doing something that I love to do and provide a better life for my family, She has the real 365 day a year job and she is always crushing it.


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