October 2021 Leading Line Lady

I would like to nominate my best friend Danielle Hicks. She always is going out of her way to help others in anyway she possibly can. She has the biggest heart and is always thinking of others. 2020 I had my first child and fell into a deep spiral of postpartum depression. With no family near us and my husband having to go back to work Danielle stepped in when she did not have to. She taught me how to be a Mama, she held me up when I felt so weak, she was there to just sit and let me cry, she praised me when I did something with my Son because I lacked confidence in being a Mom. She did all of this while her own husband worked countless hours in the trade and caring for her own two littles. I remember July 2020 she went on a trip with her husband to Oregon and I was holding back tears thinking of her not being close. She offered to cancel her trip just to stay with me. I thank god I met this sweet and giving soul because without her I would truly be lost. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and by a whim getting a site at an RV park in the middle of California I found one of my very best friends.


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