September 2020 Leading Line Lady

I would like to nominate MY line lady/babe Kala Vogelgesang. We been together for a while now and she means the world to me. She brought me up out of a bad spot/time in my life and never asked for anything in return. She was a single mother working two+ jobs to support her and her son and would never except a dime from me. She the most strong and independent woman I know. Kala will sit and listen about my day even though she only has a small idea of what I do. She always puts herself last. Recently, I found out I had to have surgery because I tore my bicep from the bone. She went to my camper gathered my everyday things and moved me in so that she could care for me through my healing process. She is the best. So, thank you for yall’s time. She deserves this and I hope she is considered for the opportunity.

Casey B.

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