5 Times You Need Lineman Cookies and other useful stuff.

5 Times You Need Lineman Cookies and other useful stuff.

1. For your adorable “Top Out” party.

He’s been in an apprenticeship for what feels like 3 decades but now the end is in sight! And you have a celebration planned the likes of which would make Martha Stewart proud.  Naturally it has to include adorable themed deserts, like sugar cookies cut out to look like hardhats.

2. When he’s gone on a storm. Again. When the lineman’s away…We’re having desert first.  Or only.  No one is around to judge.

3. For his next interview. Nothing says, “Please hire me, look how much I love the trade,” quite like bringing a plate of cookies that show off your collection of truly charming lineman cookie cutters.* 

*I am not a professional life coach to suggest you bring cookies to your next interview.  Bring deserts at your own risk.

4. For Lineman Appreciation day: April 18th is National Lineman Appreciation Day.  Cue your posts and bake your lineman some cute, themed cookies.  Maybe his crew, too.

5. For Every Day. Like my mama says, “A cookie a day keeps the crazy away!”

            In all seriousness, we’ve got a new product coming your way.  These cookie cutters are super unique and we hope you have as much fun with them as I have.  I’m not a professional baker, but I watched one on YouTube.  Check out Cupcake Jemma for recipes to make royal icing and tips for decorating your cookies.  A few extra tips I’ve learned as I tried this out:

Work fast!  I mean it.  Don’t start a cookie unless you’re prepared to finish it.  No welcome home kiss.  No making a quick pb&j for your kid.  This stuff sets kinda fast and you’ll end up with distinct edges.  (You’ll probably notice this in mine.)

Keep your tip *in* the pool of icing you’re laying down as you flood the cookie and manipulate as you go.  Keep your tip *lifted off the cookie* as you’re making your lines. 

A paintbrush, dampened with water, really helps fixing mistakes.  But make sure it is only slightly moist.  Too damp and it messes with the color in the icing.

Now go forth and bake.  And be sure to tag Linewife in your posts because we wanna see!

Happy Baking,

Tumbleweed Tramp

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