So You Want To Go Tramping

So You Wanna Go Tramping, a.k.a. What to Expect from Trailer Life

We see a lot of families making the transition between staying at home to tramping with their lineman.  And I am so thrilled for this new adventure you’re about to go on.  I loved my time in the trailer as we tramped around and I still want to do it again.  Even with kids.  But I also understand that maybe you’re a little apprehensive about this new step.  So I’m here try and give you a few insights about trailer life.  This might end up being a series.  Shoot us a message on our Facebook and let us know if you’d be into seeing more about tramping or trailer life.

  1. Cooking in a trailer oven is much different than a full size one at home.  It’s not just about the size either; it’s the direction of the heat.  Maybe trailer ovens are different now than they were 6 years ago, but this is my experience.  The heat only comes from the bottom.  Y’all, the biscuits don’t brown on the top.  Just be aware of that.  On the plus side, nothing gets lost at the back of that little fridge.  You can see everything in there.  It significantly cuts down on the science projects you accidentally grow.
  2. “The trailer is always messy.” That’s my Lineman’s contribution.  And, if you have cleaning habits like I do, or you’re fitting more than two people in there, he’s not wrong.  Our trailer was less that 300 sq ft. and there were 5 people living in it.  What do you expect!?  If you leave a cup out it takes up half the available counter space.  So when the kids are playing with building blocks, yeah, the whole place looks like a disaster.  Also, say good bye to marathon cleaning sessions.  You’ll be able to top to bottom clean that thing in like 45 minutes.  You can get it all done before he gets home. Spending all Saturday morning cleaning is a thing of the past! 
  3. Alone time? Let it go. You can hear and/or see everyone at all times.  If you want to actually be alone you will have to go outside.  But, and it sounds weird but hear me out, you’re social obligations are non-existent.  You become closer to your family because when you get somewhere new they’re the only people you know.  You don’t have other people pulling at you for time and attention.  It sounds lonely but it can really be freeing.
  4. Most people you meet will think you’re cuckoo-banana-pants.  “You live where? Like a camper trailer?  That you haul around with a truck?  All the time?”  They don’t get it and they might not ever get it.  And that’s ok.  Let’s be more concerned about our lives working for us than we are about them working for other people, yeah?  There will be a select few who’s face you can watch turn wistful with envy as they admit that they always wanted to do what you are doing. 
  5. It’s gonna get in your blood.  You’re going to reach a point in your journey where you settle down for whatever reason.  You’ll have a nice little brick house that you decorate for the holidays.  You’ll have friends that you see all the time.  Your kids are in a great school.  Your Lineman will be getting promoted.  Everything is coming up daisies.  And then one afternoon you’ll get this tingle in the back of your neck and the bottoms of your feet.  You’ll get The Itch.  It has come for you and you suddenly find yourself online looking at trailers and practicing what you’ll say to explain why you’re going out on the road again. 

I hope you’re even more excited to take the plunge after reading this.  If you need me I’ll just be over here looking at new trailers online.

Are you already out on the road?  What did I miss?


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