What is a Linewife?

You've seen the shirts.  The adorable decals.  The instagram bios.  But what is a Linewife?  

First things first, when I say Lineman, it's got nothing to do with football.  When I say Lineman I mean a power lineman, someone who builds and maintains power lines.  Like the one in the song, Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell.  "I am a lineman for the county..."  If you haven't heard it go give it a listen.  "I hear you singing in the wire... I need you more than want you and I want you for all time."  It's super romantic, a classic.

So obvi if that's a Lineman, a Linewife is someone married to a lineman.  That's the short answer.  There are other takes on this including Linebabe, Linemom, Linekid, Linehusband etc.  You feel free to claim whatever iteration of this you are most comfortable with.  And that might mean more than one depending on your situation.  For the sake of consistency I'm going to use the term Linewife.  You have my permission to mentally replace it with whatever best applies to you.  

Silly Story: my husband refused to get me a "Linewife" shirt until he topped out in his apprenticeship because he was "not a Lineman, still an apprentice" and I guess he felt some kind of way about it.  I didn't agree with him, and for what it's worth I don't think that should hold you back if you wanna claim the title.  Get yourself the shirt.  (Unfortunately linewife.com wasn't a thing at that time.  But I still have that first shirt he got me.  It's faded and stained and I'll keep it till I die.)  

That's the short, text book answer.  But what's the heart of the matter?  What IS a Linewife?  In an effort to explain it to you I've written a little acrostic poem.  



Generous and grateful

Reliable and resilient

Intelligent and indomitable

Tough and tenacious 


Yes, here at Linewife,LLC we like to say the defining characteristic of a Linewife is her GRIT!  It's not an easy role but it's important and we will proudly support our Linemen until the end.  

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