Line Ladies are tough. There is so much change and a lot of unknowns in the Line Life. Our Community of ladies have the best experts ready to help with all your Line Life questions. From traveling on the road as a tramping Line Family to working locally for a Co-op Power Company. Chances are, we have lived in your Line Life shoes one time or another! We are here to ease your stress and help you through whatever your Line Life need is!  

Lineman Shirts for Girlfriends: Not a Linewife? No worries! We have a line of Line Babe shirts, short and long sleeve ready for you to show your support for your Lineman. Our super soft Line Babe shirts are ready to ship! Need a long sleeve shirt for the beach days or to layer in the winter? We have Dri-Fit long sleeve Line Babe shirts too! 

Linebabe Tumblers: We have tumblers for you! Now you can have the exact same as a Linewife Tumbler but with Linebabe instead! We know you want to shimmer and sparkle while you drink your favorite drink out of your tumbler! 

Linewife Koozie: Hanging by the bonfire with friends? Cruising on the water on a hot summer day? Laving on the beach enjoying the summer sun? Don’t let that beer or your hands get cold! Our Linewife koozies come in all shapes and sizes. Tall, skinny, and regular size, ready to help you rock your Linewife Pride. We even have Lineman Heart koozies for the mom’s and girlfriends too!

Storm Season Koozie: Storm Season is here so bring out the beer koozies are a huge hit. I mean, what better way to calm your nerves while your Lineman is working a storm. Or better yet, celebrate his return home from a long hard storm season together with our Storm Season Lineman Koozies. This Storm Season Koozie is great for all seasons, hot or cold. Fitting bottles or cans to help keep your drink cold.

Koozies for Tall Skinny Cans: The Claw is Law, or well, Truly and any other skinny drink they have these days. We have a Linewife koozies that will fit your favorite skinny drink! Keep your hands warm in the winter holding your favorite beer and your beer cold in the hot summer months too! Show off how proud you are of your Lineman with one of our Linewife Koozies!

Line Life Decal: Not a Linewife? No problem! We have tons of stickers for all the ladies of the line. From Line Mom’s to Line Girl Friends. We know you want to support your favorite Lineman and we have the Decals for you to show off how proud you are of your Lineman.

Linewife Jewelry: We have the Linewife Jewelry for you! Bolts on bolts on bolts! From Necklaces to bracelets and even earrings too! Our bolts are sure to make the cutest statement and support your Lineman.

Line Life Leggings: Show your love for your lineman with our Line Life Leggings. These Line Life Leggings are super soft and ready to hold you in comfort. These leggings are great for your Lineman Rodeos, gyms and running errands.


Line Babe/Lady

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What better way to show your “Merica” & Support Lineworkers! One of our BEST selling Lineman shirts. It’s...
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