Go ahead and get crafty! We have your Line Life party supplies and craft supplies! Anything Lineman related you can imagine! Let your mind wander and create whatever you can think of! 

We all know how hard Linemen work. The crazy long hours, grueling weather conditions, and sometimes rough terrain. These guys put it all on the line! If you love your Lineman like we love our Linemen, we know you have that strong Line Pride. Here at Linewife every item is designed based around the love of our Linemen. Show off how much you love and support you have for your Lineman with one of our shirts, stickers, patches, hats or other items.

Line workers are the backbone of America. They keep our everyday functions going. Maintaining the grid and keeping our power on. It has been said many times, Linework makes the dream work. What better way to say Thank you to a Lineman than with an awesome Line related gift for him and his Linewife!

Party Supplies / Crafts

Lineman Mold
Get your craft on and create whatever you can imagine with our 3 inch lineman mold!  Great for...
Lightning Bolt Glitter
Let your creativity fly with our Linewife Holographic lightning bolt glitter!  Spice up your Line party with confetti,...
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$7.50 $5.50