August's Leading Line Lady

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My name is Chris Pingley I would like to nominate my wife Amber Pingley for Linewife of the month. I don’t know where to start we been together for 14 years married for 10 yrs. We have 3 beautiful daughters that she practically raised by herself. She currently works full time as a teacher aide while raising the girls because I’m out working. Back in November 2018 we went thru something no family should go thru unfortunately things happen in this line of work. I had a contact accident, and I was burnt and few other things but by the grace of god I’m here today to type this letter. She got knock on the door something I never want us to go thru. But from that moment she was by my side from the 3weeks in the burn center to the countless dressing changes to all the follow up appointments. She never missed a beat All why making sure our three girls had what they needed. List could go on and on. She is a father and mother a lot of times. As you know us line man ask a lot of our wives. She also does a back buddy program with our children school and community to help make sure kids have meals on the weekend and schools breaks if they need them

1 comment

  • Patricia Henry

    I am so proud of my daughter
    And just as proud of you Chris

    We have a great family

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