November Leading Line Lady 2021

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My wife Becki has and still is my rock, the time and effort she puts into seeing about me and my crew is unbelievable, it takes a special lady to put up with us Linemen, we are mostly a bunch of hoodlums that won’t act right half the time! Once she drove 200 miles to intercept us when we have been called out unexpectedly to storm, bringing us clothes and supplies that she went around and collected from my crews’ families. Just to turn around and go back home alone.  It’s times like these that hit my emotions because I can’t imagine the hurt that she carries knowing that I may not come back home. The life of a lineman’s wife is hard and takes a super strong and confident woman to fit the shoes. On top of being an ex-outlaw lineman’s wife she is also a homeschooling mama to our 11-year-old daughter, a doggy mom to our 2 people puppies, a born again Christian woman, she works a huge garden and puts up veggies for our freezers and cans pickles and okra to sell, she used this year’s garden profits to buy gifts for myself and our daughter Iva Grace. She puts everyone ahead of herself. She does all this living with type 1 diabetes. She is 100% dependent on insulin, she wears a CGM and a insulin pump just to stay alive.  She is my hero. And she don’t even know it, I want to nominate her for super Linewife of the month. She deserves so much in this life and she asks for nothing in return. Thanks Jason Ledbetter

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  • Angela Smith

    This is my one and only daughter. She is truly a loving, giving and self sacrificing woman. She is all in 100% as a supporting wife, she goes out of the way to make sure Jason is packed and ready to go back on the road. She deserves this reward and so much more..
    Love my daughter and I am so proud of her for the sacrifice she makes for her daughter and Jason.

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