A Tramping Life of Craziness Continued

Oh the joys of tramping in an RV.

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I left you all hanging with a water heater that wasn’t fix on my last blog. Guess what!? It still isn’t fixed! I bet you aren’t surprised at all right? That’s what I thought.


Well, Covid killed the RV parts industry and we have been told it can be up to a year to replace the part. That would mean that we would have to leave our camper at an RV repair shop for the next year. We all know that isn’t going to happen. So, plan B. My handy dandy husband has come up with a plan to weld the two metal parts together for a “fix”. This is way better than the plastic to metal that was there before. Now that it is fixed we are ready to go! Cross your fingers and toes it stays fixed!


Life on the road in a camper can be hectic and stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be! One of the big things that stands out for my Lineman and I is our personalities. I am a HUGE extrovert. I am always saying hi to people walking in the RV parks or when hiking. At a restaurant or bar with me? I am talking to everyone. I want to know their stories and why they are where they are. My Lineman on the other hand loves his “cave”. Side note, he does have a pretty cool “cave” at the house. With LED lights and a big screen TV ready to cater to his video games, movie binge and fitted with a built-in wife who makes popcorn on demand. Totally kidding about the built-in wife, but I will make him some popcorn!

        So, if you are on the road and you and your significant other are two different personalities, you just have to work together and communicate what your needs are. I LOVE people and I need that interaction as a part of my happiness. My Lineman needs quiet time to decompress and play a game or watch a movie. It took some time for us both to figure it out but we got it!

        Just remember if you are an extrovert like me you can always reach out in any of the Linewife or Ladies groups. Chances are there is another Linewife or lady that is near you looking to make a friend. I have met some of the greatest ladies this way! Don’t ever underestimate it!

        We found out we will be staying put until the new year. Almost 10 months in one spot! We are getting a little nervous about the new year and the work situation. We know that work gets dry with new elected officials sometimes. That being said, there is a lot of work out here in California. I don’t see that drying up anytime soon with the amount of fires they had this year.

I always look at each job as adventure. Where is the best restaurant to eat in the town you are in? The best hiking trail? Is there touristy things to do? DO THEM!

Listen, if you are on the road with your Lineman, make the best of it. People wait until they are retired to make the jump to live on the road and travel. Most of the time they can’t stay on the road for long because their bodies fail and they can’t do what they once did years ago. You have a healthy young body right now. GO EXPLORE! Treat each change as an adventure! Look at what you are blessed with! Remember just because someone has a lot of “things” don’t mean they’re happy! You can’t take it with you when you go. MAKE those memories!!!

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