Communication on the Line

Many of us ladies know the importance of communication.  It’s seems even more important when our Linemen are traveling. One of the biggest issues (aside from finances) in relationships is communication. Obviously, to communicate both parties need to participate (talking to a wall is no fun). Let’s face it; the linelife is not easy on relationships. Long hours at work, poor reception, distance and worry can all cloud the easiest communications. Not addressing a communication problem can lead to more problems than necessary.

It’s hard to admit sometimes how you truly feel. You think about hurting their feelings because something they are doing or not doing is affecting you. A fantastic example is checking in with each other. If your traveling somewhere let them know you got their safe; or just a simple, “I am thinking about you”, text during the day. Sometimes, we assume (never good) that the other person thinks what we think. We all process things diversely, and being clear with what you are asking helps the relationship grow stronger. You might not know that your partner hates when you call him at lunch because he is busy. Having him call you when he gets off work might be better for him and he’ll be in a better mood. Admitting that you don’t like something someone you love is doing is scary. Worrying about their reaction can be stressful. Take that FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) and face it. Remember that respectful communication works best. Talk to them. Tell your significant other that it eases your worry if you hear from them throughout the day. Tell them you like to be told you are beautiful. It’s ok to want to receive gifts. Some men just know how to read women and what makes them happy (And Vice Versa!). Others need a bit more of direction and that is OK!

Practice active listening as a part of your conversations, use “I statements instead of “you” (I feel              when you say or do                                 . Try to look at things from their point of view before reacting. Do not interrupt them while they are talking, which may make them even more frustrated (Guilty as charged on this one!). Pay attention to nonverbal communication that you are offering, “arms crossed, sighing, rolling eyes, etc.” Don’t get defensive, if the conversation gets heated, stop, breath; think for a moment before replying to what they said. If it becomes too heated, take a break, go for a walk, listen to calming music and then come back to the conversation again later.

Relationships that can communicate with respect will grow stronger with time. Learning how to talk to each other in a healthy way will help these relationships thrive. Teams work together and they have to communicate to be successful and win. A successful relationship is two people actively choosing to work together as a team to conquer the peaks and valleys of life.  There will be hard times and there will be excellent times. Keep positive in the down times. Relish the joy in the good times. No moment is consistent, it will always change. Look for the joy in each moment and you’ll find that happiness isn’t so far out of reach.

Last of all remember that you are an amazing woman who is strong, loving, wise, beautiful, and full of life. You will grow more beautiful and wise with age. We are all made differently, not to be like another. Revel in your uniqueness, rock your style! We are all in this crazy, fun, loving linelife together! Reach out if you need lifted up! We are stronger when brought together and us fellow linewife’s are here for you!


“Distance teaches us to appreciate the days that we are able to spend together and distance teaches us the definition of patience. It is a reminder that every moment together is special, and second together should be cherished.”



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