Five ways to practice self-love on the line

1. Most importantly; surround yourself with people who support you on this journey. People who understand this lifestyle without judgment, without cynical remarks, and with an outpouring of love.

2. Strive to grow in love with your lineman. Support and encourage him, let him know how proud he makes you, listen when he speaks, then feel that reciprocated through the love that you receive from him. And passion.. bring passion into every aspect of your relationship.

3. Live with grace. No single person is perfect, nor any relationship, and life throws us curveballs. Life on the line isn’t always a cakewalk, sometimes things get tough! Lean into God for all things beyond your control and he will ALWAYS see you through.

4. Find your passion - beyond the relationship with your lineman. Do the things that your heart enjoys, often! Whether that be crafting, fitness, baking, find something to occupy your downtime. Time away on storm can get lengthy!

5. On the line, or otherwise, be kind to yourself. You are beautiful... You are intelligent... Your body is perfect... And you are worthy of love.

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