Friends on the Line

The Line Life is Crazy, and it takes a special woman to run with that life. What is best about the friends you gain in the Line Life is that some may come and go, and others stick around for great lengths of time. They always seem to help you through when you need them the most.

Some of the best friendships I have been blessed with came through the line. My first friend who I never expected to meet was at a housewarming party. With me just starting to date my (at the time) Apprentice Lineman and VERY new to the Line Life. Since I didn’t know anyone at the party, I ended up offering help in the kitchen where we chatted a bit. Our boyfriends at the time had worked together for a long period of time and became friends.

Fast forward to her wedding. Since I didn’t know anyone that well and had a camera that also videotaped, she asked me to video her father daughter dance. Little did I know what special moment I captured for her. We continued our friendship though our significant others for the next few years. Occasionally spending the weekend together. We lived three hours away from each other so we couldn’t always be close.

Her father passed not to long after her wedding. What I had forgotten was I had snapped photos at her wedding and the video as well. All of which she had never seen. Normally at weddings I don’t take pictures, but for this one time I just followed what I felt to be right. Little did I know at the time I captured such a special moment for her. I am forever grateful for capturing these priceless memories for her.

Years flew by and we became closer and closer. Life ebbing and flowing through the ups and downs. Each time our friendship growing closer and closer together. Vacations, short trips, dinners, laughter and many tears.

She was my maid of honor at my wedding. Sharing with me such a special moment in time. She held my hand when I was at a low and we celebrate together with our successes.  

I can only think of one other friend in my life who I have been so close with. For connections like this I am eternally grateful for. Line ladies are tough as nails, passionate, and amazing friends. No one else can relate to the life we live. You never know where those connections will lead.

They’re some incredible women who are married to their Linemen. I’ve met many who are such amazing women and love their men fiercely. The Line Life is a Brotherhood but, I know there is a great group of women who support one another and live the life right next to their Linemen.

Life sometimes brings you friends whom you’d never imagine meeting. Friends to watch sunrises, sunsets and help you back on your feet. Sometimes they stay, sometimes they go. But they always leave their footprints on your soul.


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