Options For Communicating Without Cell Service

Recently my Lineman and I purchased Garmin’s to be able to talk to each other when there is no cell service/towers down. You can purchase just one and he can text through the Garmin to your cell phone or call you. They worked GREAT when he worked IRMA. He can also send you his location as well. I know that Garmin sells a cheaper model, but I can honestly attest that they do work. You will be able to communicate with your linemen when there is no cell service. My Lineman is headed to the island soon and I will be worrying right along with you ladies who will be in the same situation. It’s hard, I know, I feel it too. The family misses him and so do you. Just remember he is doing it for you and the family. To provide for his family he loves so much and to help those who need his skill the most. We will get through this together! https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/561269

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