Storm Season 2017/2018 in Review


Stop what you are doing right now! Take a minute to appreciate all you have completed this past year. You have been an amazing Linewife (or Linelady), mother, sister, and friend.

Together we’ve endured a crazy busy Hurricane season starting in August, and an ice storm season that has yet to end. We have felt so MANY emotions that have us all feeling drained. Just know it’s all coming to an end (Well maybe a pause would be a better description).

From the last minute storm calls, packing a quick storm bag, preparing to send your Lineman to the islands for months without knowing when he’ll return we’ve all been feeling the exhaustion, pressure, stress, and worry.

I want you to know that you have done an amazing job taking care of the family while your Lineman has been busy working. You have kept the grass cut, family fed, chores done, and attended all the kids events. Some of you have even used YouTube to fix a broken pipe or install a sink! Believe me when I say he wishes he was there. His love for you is beyond what words could describe. He wishes he could share the load with you. See the kid’s games, and help fix what is broken. He knows, what he is doing is making a better life for his family. He chose you because of your strength, your determination, and the love that you share.

We are all frazzled with what this year has brought, but we became stronger and grew together. We leaned on our fellow Linewifes. We loved, we learned, we enjoyed, we appreciated, and we made memories.  I can’t predict what the future storm season will hold this coming year. But, what I can predict is that YOU have an amazing community of fellow Linewifes here to help you share the journey every step of the way.

You are amazing in everything that you do; the point of power is always in the present moment.  All you have is this moment.


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