There has been a lot of negative lately. Lives have been changed forever in an instant.

I am proud of our Line community and what we stand for. It takes courage to go forward and do what others will not or cannot do. Our Linemen do this in the roughest conditions, sometimes daily. But many of these brave men are lucky to have the women they come home to. The women who send their men into the storm, knowing the risk they are taking to provide for their family and doing what they love the most.

These women are stronger and more resilient than most women. They move their families without hesitation to be closer to the jobs. Deal with emotions while their Lineman is called to storm or even to a far away land. Fix things that most women wouldn’t even dare to attempt. Sustain the flow of the household and family’s everyday lives.  Support their Lineman with all their body, mind, and soul. These women, Linewives (even Line Ladies) are the pillar or backbone of these Linemen.

Ladies you make him a better man. You believe in him when he sparks a crazy idea or plan. You hold him when he is down and out.  Take care of him when he is exhausted from work. Hold the emotions at bay when he is leaving once again. You comfort him on the phone when he is lonely and missing his family.

See, without having an amazing, supportive, understanding woman by his side, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. Relationships are a team effort. Both give something completely independent from what the other can give. With this balance you both grow strong and closer as the years tick on.

Our community of Linewives and Linemen is strong. May we continue to build on that support and strength for those in time of need before, during, and after. May we all be surrounded by a hedge of protection as we journey through our days.

Don’t ever forget how courageous, brave and strong you are. When your down about something in life, know someone might be wishing to have just it as good as you do at that moment. Our time is fleeting, make the best of every moment. Laugh at the spills, love when it hurts the most. Find joy in EVERY moment, for we never know when it will be our last.


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