What is the best way to cope while your lineman is on storm or working away from home?

(These are the responses from fellow Linewives)

I have filled a few roles throughout my 42 years. I have been the daughter of a lineman who was gone on storm. I am the mother of a lineman who has been on storm. I have been through line school and am now a safety director for a cooperative. And I worry and pray for my guys every day storm or not. Worry is always a part of the game. However, what your guy needs is for you to be strong, positive, and your prayers. When he calls tell him you are proud of the work he is doing. Tell him that things are running smooth at home (even when you are at your wits end). Tell him that you are praying for him and his brothers. Smile through the whole call, they can hear a smile in your voice. Tell him his favorite meal will be waiting when he returns. And then pray some more ladies. Reach out to the ladies who have had many more years in the trade then you. You know they have been where you are. Bless all of you who are waiting and again you and your men will be in my prayers tonight.

~ J. G.

It does get easier with time. Like all these linewives and ladies have said, pray, they are tuff, their brother’s keepers are with him, stay busy, meet other linewives to interact with. This will pass and your husband will come home with a feeling of gratification and appreciation for his job! Hang in there hun.

~J. L.

I will start by saying this life style is not for everyone. It is a learning process. You learn to fix things yourself, you learn to make decisions on your own, you learn to have access to EVERY account in the household (trust me there not easy to talk to a company if your name is not on the account, lol) you learn to keep yourself busy, you learn to track weather better than any weatherman could (I have 6 weather apps on my phone including NOAA, lol), you learn to trust your intuition ( after 13 years I can usually predict when he is being called out) , you learn to take extra care when packing his bag (extra protein, snacks, a little note tucked in there), you learn that they are their brother’s keeper, you learn to never burden them with anything at home while on storm, you learn to tell them how proud you are of them, you learn that they thrive on this work (they want to do this, they love this work) , you learn to build them up and never tear them down, you learn that worrying is part of loving them. Linemen/Lineworkers are a different breed. My husband is not actually a lineman, he is the equipment operator on the ground, operating for the linemen. But just because he is not on the pole, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Find and get together with other linewives in your area. It helps, immensely! the first storm is always the hardest, by far. Soon it will be like routine. Even after 13 years as a linewife it still gets to me sometimes. Like when we were moving in to our newly built house and he got called out for three weeks this past winter, came home for two days only to get called out again for another two weeks. The total move was on me and our sons. I did not ONCE complain, but sucked it up and got it done. You can do this!

~ A. L.

I’ve been a lie wife for 6 years. It’s hard and scary. I agree he may not have a bed or a table to eat from. However, when he is at home doing his hobby he may not get much rest or may skip a meal or two. He is a lineman because he loves what he does and the satisfaction it gives him knowing he helped. My husband likes to relieve stress by joking around. So, I spend the day finding funny things to send him or tell him when we do talk. Perhaps pick an online game y’all can play together for distraction for both of you. Put post it notes in his bag when he leaves. Or in his truck. Sun visor. Glove box. Diddy bag hanging from rear view mirror. Some day he may leave them back to reassure u. If not that’s ok too. Just love the man that loves u and the line life and GOD. U will be fine. It gets easier. Trust him and his brothers.

~C. D.

Been a linewife for over 30 yrs. it’s hard at times but I always try to stay positive, sure I cry at times. I never want to remind him how much I miss him. He already knows. ???? just tell him you love him & are so proud of him & what he is doing for his family & helping others. God is in control always!! Hang in there!!

~C. Z.

First storm and better yet every storm is so hard… To even get an idea of how they’re doing.. But stay strong for him.. Find you a storm buddy.. These websites will be your best friend… They have little time for conversations so try so hard to not get upset when you don’t hear from him… No news is good news.. If u don’t hear from him he’s okay and working.. You’ll want to scream and even cry and that’s okay. Do it if it makes u feel better! Just breathe… Before u know it… He’ll be back home snoring and making a mess at home again before u know it.. Text him positive words to come to after a hard day and try not to get upset if he doesn’t respond a lot to it… He’s tired he’s out of routine

~C. M.

It doesn’t seem to get easier. We will always worry about our men, especially when they are heading into storms that everyone else is running from. Just have faith in his abilities and his brothers. I always make my husband’s ground man or supervisor promise me that they will take care of him. Trust me, it is as nerve wrecking from them to be away, as it is for us. But remember to show all the love you can, when you can talk to him, and don’t profess your concern because they do not need negative thoughts while doing a dangerous job. You can always message me to talk if you get upset. Bottom line is, he is saving lives and helping many people, so you need to be proud and trying not to think about the negative possibilities. <3

~J. C.

Keep positive! It’s never gonna be “easy” knowing the person you love more than anything is working in unpredictable circumstances and that you can’t talk to them for hours on end. Find positive things to fill your time with and I’m sure you’ll be his first call whenever he is able to! Prayers things get a little “easier” for you!???? I definitely need to find some good linewife friends and you should try also! It seems like being able to talk/hangout with someone who truly understand would help in these tough situations!

~T. D.

Lineman are of a different breed. They thrive on storms. They work in all conditions to achieve their goal = giving power to the people. You as a linewife needs to be strong when you talk to him, tell him how proud you are for the hard work he is doing, let him know things are in order at home, even if you had to call the plumber cuz the sink over flowed & you couldn’t unclog it yourself. He don’t need to worry about “things” at home. I spent time crying in one of his shirts but he never knew it. I’d clean extra, walk, meet up with friends for lunch/dinner, watch movies.

~D. A.

I keep myself busy and my family and church family is always there. It has been hard this time around because I have bad anxiety and can’t take my meds because we are 9 weeks pregnant. I am the wife that over packs him. I send water, protein bars, Slim Jim’s, just in case they don’t get decent food I know he has protein. That has helped some. Keep praying for them and thinking about the good they are doing for others!!

~R. M.

I have been on this road for 27 years now and sometimes its easier than others. This time it was hard because we were expecting a terrible storm and knew what kind of conditions that would probably be working under but we get through because we know they are doing what they love and they know who they love is waiting on them when the job is done.

~D. M

Just pray for him! Have faith that God will take care of him. Have faith in the extensive training he’s had. Have faith in his fellow lineworkers–they watch out for each other. Have faith that he’s working safely to come home to you-every time.
These are things I cling to, and make my heart happy and full. I’m so PROUD of my hardworking hero!

~C. B.

The first time is very rough. You need to use your faith and try to do things that relax you. Listen to music, read, watch a silly movie….something to keep you distracted.
He is ok..not comfortable…not cozy….but ok…and our hero!!!

~C. C.

It’s hard, I’ve been a linewife for 20 years & it doesn’t get easier. You learn to do things that relax you & make friends with other linewives, they understand & you can talk to them. Also it helps when my husband is out that we talk at least once every 24 hours.

~K. J.

I worry, and I get mad. Storms are never comfortable but when he gets a bad storm, you get mad. Bad storm means something different to us than it does to most people. A bad storm is when they work 30 hours in the rain, the gf doesn’t want to slow down enough to let him empty the water from the bucket. Gf too lazy to drive 30 miles where they have water to drink, so he does without. One lousy sandwich to eat in 20 hours. Believe me, you will know a bad storm. He will never work under that man again. But it gets a little easier, there are still tears once in a while, but they normally come when the day after he leaves your well pump goes out and you’ve done everything you can to fix it yourself. And you have no support system to help you. And your brakes start making noise, so they need changed, and the kids become demons who act like they weren’t raised right. But you learn to deal, you learn to fix stuff yourself, you learn to keep busy until the next text or call. You learn to live on a lot less sleep. Take faith in the fact that he knows what he is doing, that his brothers will watch his back, and that God’s got this.

~C. F.

I have been a linewife for 7 years. Some storms are easier than others. You learn to predict how long they might be gone. Communication is the most important thing, however, you MUST understand he cannot respond every second of the day. He is working and he will text you when he can. I don’t have high expectations for him texting me back during storm or even while he is normally working. I know he will text when he gets a chance. I send him with snacks and sometimes canned food just in case he wont have time to eat. It’s a love hate with storms because the money is good but they have to leave to make it. I’ve learned to do a lot of things on my own over the years. You tube has been great at teaching me! I sometimes go an visit friends for the time he is on storm or spend time with family. I keep as busy as possible. That way it takes my mind off of the worry and also makes the time pass quicker. Stay strong and find yourself a POSITIVE group of linewives to share how you feel! Best of luck and always stay positive! 🙂


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