You are stronger than you think! #flo2018

Ladies, don’t EVER forget how amazing you are. These storms will come and go. Our Linemen will be called to them almost every time. Be strong for him. Be strong for the family. They are filled with pride when they know they are helping those who need it the most. They are not afraid to put in long hours, sometimes forfeiting food or a break in pursuit of restoration. Have patience with them when they don’t respond.

Lift your head up, as he chose you to be his Linewife. Knowing you were stronger than others before. Your strength will get you through. Lean on your fellow Linewives who have been there before. They will be able to help you through. The rhythm of the storms will never cease. Each year coming once again. Know they will draw him until his retiring day.

Through all this, know you are an amazing Linewife. You are stronger than you know, and more beautiful than you give yourself credit for. Know his love for you will always be there even when he is not. Know they love you with all their heart and soul. He will return soon. His brothers will keep him safe as he will do the same for them.

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