An Open Letter to Family, Friends and Anyone Else Wondering What The Linelife is Like


An open letter to family friends and anyone else wondering what the Linelife is like

Never ending crazy life of a Linewife

What is a Linewife’s life like? Oh, we are out there living the dream, floating on floats in pools, downing wine by the gallon, popping bottles, rolling around in cash every night on our beds and partying it up!

       ***REALITY CHECK***

Our lives are far from that! Depending on what her Lineman does for work (contractor, coop or power company) he might work away for very long periods of time with fleeting visits here and there. If he doesn’t travel and work for contractors, you might see him make an appearance on the weekends.

That means he spends very little time with his family and probably even less with his friends. Don’t pressure him or the family to come over the second he gets home. Give him some time to relax and enjoy his family.

You see your Linewife family member or friend running around like a crazy person before he gets home. Well, that is normal. We get excited because we haven’t seen them in some time. We might spend every moment with our Lineman that we have before he is back out on the road again or back to work. Don’t take it to heart or take it out on your friend/family member.

Despite what many think we aren’t always the “money bags” you think we are. We might be paying for TWO households to be ran! Maybe her Lineman is living in a camper. Not only does that mean lot rent, possibly a camper payment, but it doubles the groceries or dinner bills, laundry bills, mortgage at home, and all the other expenses of operating a house. It adds up FAST. Before you say, “Well, you chose this life and so did he.” Stop yourself and realize he absolutely LOVES what he does and so does she. They make it work so don’t be judgmental.

If she is alone more of the time or he is gone on storm, call her, stop by or plan a dinner date. She may be so busy trying to keep her mind off him being gone that she doesn’t think to lean on her family or friends. Check in on her! Not to mention when they are gone that is when most stuff breaks or goes wrong.  Livewives will always figure out a way to make things work!

She needs you more than you think. Yes, she stays busy taking the kids everywhere or gets involved in the community or maybe she is just holing herself up on the couch wallowing in her self-pity of him being gone. BUT, let’s get one thing straight, Linewives are just as rough and tough as our men. We are a strong, unique, amazing group of women who are passionate about our men and stick together.


  • Crystal George

    Yes! 💯%

  • Kathleen Benner

    Love this <3.

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