Top 10 Lineman Storm Bags or Drag Bags

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What is the Best Lineman Storm Bag?

Storm season is here!  So, bring out that box of gear! No matter if it’s ice, wind, hurricane, or land cane (No, for real! Look it up its real). Our men are ready to grab and dash to help restore power no matter where it may be.

 If a Lineman is lucky, he has snagged a fabulous Line Lady or Linewife to add to his crazy life. She’ll be the backbone of, “Operation pack the storm bag as fast as you can”. Sorting through all his endless gear to make sure he gets what he will need for this storm. Filling his bags with snacks, clothes, gear, and sometimes love notes too! If your Lineman is anything like mine, he certainly has a wide variety of seemingly endless gear. All which he will need one time or another. You never know what you will encounter on storm! Best to have more than enough, than not enough. 

The biggest question asked these days is what the most versatile and durable bag for your Lineman is to take on storm. Obviously, this will vary from Lineman to Lineman. Weather will also come into play. Is it an ice storm? If so, he will need more space for bulky warm weather gear, plus room for all those layers. If he is working a hurricane, he might need a watertight bag or box to make sure his items don’t get wet. A Lock is always a great idea. It won't stop a theft but can deter it.

The list is endless on what you can choose from. To make it easier we compiled a real list of Storm Boxes and Bags ladies have put together for their Lineman. Please note this is an ever-evolving list! If you don’t see your box or bag on here and feel like it is worthy to be added, please shoot us an email at and we will get it added!


  1. The Pelican 1615TRVL Air Travel Case

This Storm bag is pricy, but durable and versatile. Let’s face it. Our Linemen are hard on EVERYTHING and this case has the strength to withstand their roughness! It can be used for storm or vacation! It comes with different mesh organizers on the inside, rolling wheels, pull latches and TSA locks. Fits tools and clothes. Comes in 4 different colors and ready for your Lineman to add his favorite Lineman stickers to it! Downside -  Price

Reviews are 4.5 out of 5 on their website.



  1. The Pelican iM2975 Storm Travel Case

The runner up, but still puts up a good fight! Comes in two colors. Durable and versatile, ready to withstand the storm. Can fit some tools and clothes. Smaller than our number one pick but gets the job done and keeps the elements at bay. Comes with an O-ring seal, press and pull latches, strong hinges, soft grip handles and wheels. Downside – Some say it is too small for their gear

Reviews give it a 4.8 out of 5 on their website.



  1. Buckingham Big Mouth Bag- 47333G9R5S

This Lineman industry drag bag is weather resistant and is ready to pack a punch on storm by keeping your Lineman’s tools and clothes dry. Much cheaper than the Pelican storm bag, this big mouth bag has a steel reinforced opening to fit all the big stuff your Lineman loves to carry. Made from Nylon with double tempered bottom, it is ready to be put to the test. Great in all kinds of weather conditions as well as regular traveling too! Fits either tools or clothes.  Comes in two colors. Downside -TSA ruined ours in transit.

No ratings were listed on this website; however, this is one of the bags my Lineman uses for his tools or sometimes clothes on storm. Has not failed us yet!



  1. Husky 37-inch Rolling Toolbox Utility Cart

This multi-functional case is great for tools or clothes! All terrain wheels help the storm bag get a move on no matter how rough the terrain is! Also comes with an access cord to charge tools, metal latches and a bult in keyed lock. Keeps the outside elements on the outside. Easy on the budget and a quick pick up at your local Home Depot. Fits tools and clothes. Nothing fancy here, but gets the job done, east to clean out, and can fit in the belly of the truck. Downside – bulky and no compartments to keep things in place.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on their website



  1. Yeti Panga 100 Duffel

This beast of a bag is ready to be stuffed with your entire house and so much more! Although this bag costs a pretty penny it has great reviews for keeping your Lineman’s clothes on storm dry. High density nylon to keep your Lineman’s items dry, mesh pockets are great for love letters you send him on storm, and a beastly zipper to seal the deal of keeping the water off his clothes during storm. Fits clothes only. Downside - no wheels, can make it tough to carry.

Rated 4.9 out 5 on their website



  1. Bass Pro Shops Extreme Boat Bag

Simple, and great for keeping their clothes dry on storm, this bag is easy on the budget and to pack. Comes in multiple sizes, shoulder strap, weatherproof, and an easy pick up at your local bass pro shop. Fits clothes only. Downside – You pay for what you get.

Rated 4 out of 5 on their website. There seems to be an issue with people complaining the seems are not strong enough.



  1. Amazon Basics Ripstop Rolling Travel Luggage Duffle Bag with Wheels 37.5 inch

Another great suitcase for long storms and packing that winter gear! A huge interior capacity to fit all your storm bag needs. Wheels make it easy to transport, durability is a plus with the rip stop technology, a great price and backed with the Amazon guarantee. Fits clothes only. Downside – not waterproof

4.5 stars out of 5 on their website



  1. Cabela’s Boundary Waters Roll – Top Dry Bag XL

This bag is fantastic for keeping your Lineman’s clothes dry on storm. It’s massive opening is ready to take all your winter gear in and rolls down to give maximum room to stuff this bag into whatever shape you need. Not only great for storm, but the boat too! Not recommended for tools. Great price for the durability and protection from elements. Downside – would be easier to carry with backpack straps and no lock.

4 out of 5 stars on their website



  1. Jelco Rolling Drag Bag

Just like the Bashlin and Buckingham rolling drag bags, JELCO has their own version but wait for it… in CAMO! Stamped with their yellow JELCO design this bag is ready to roll out on to storm with your best tools in tow! Bag is waterproof with fastening straps at the top of a wide mouth opening for tools.

No website reviews



  1. Bashlin Tool Bag on Wheels DL11DC-R

Comparable to the Buckingham storm drag bag this tool bag is just that. Ready to drag your Lineman tools to whatever storm Mother Nature produces! Mid rang priced bag that will keep your most important tools dry during the storm. Easy to move around with the wheels and comfort grip handle, ready to follow you wherever the storm is. Made from polyester with a hard plastic bottom this bag makes carrying your tools that much easier!

No website reviews



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  • Kristin

    Your number one pick picture is the Air1626 but you said the Air1615 is the number one pick. So which one is better? I order mine the storm 2950, but after putting all his tool in it it weighs 78lbs which is over the 70lb weight limit! 🤦🏼‍♀️

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